Gus Hill

A Tribute To Gus

28 December 1941 –

Born in Ireland on 28 December 1941 and raised in Scotland Angus grew up with his two sisters Helen and Margaret. Helen and Angus close in age played together and Angus used this to his advantage; Helen could be in his gang but only if she’d sweep the gang hut. In short as a child he was a scamp.

Angus joined the Royal Air Force at the age of seventeen and served his apprenticeship in Telecommunications. He enjoyed everything to do with the RAF and continued to attend reunions of 1295 Squadron until earlier this year.

In 1963 he married and subsequently had two children Gordon and Deborah. In 1969 while stationed in Cyprus Angus met Susan who he described as the best thing that ever happened to him. In 1975 they married and he took on the role of father to her children Karen, Carl and Andrew

By this time he had risen to production manager at Crosfield Electronics. Combining electronics and his experience from the RAF Angus became a an amateur radio enthusiast which meant the family had to contend with a 30 foot high aerial the back garden but they got to speak to many people around the world with the coup of speaking to an astronaut!

In 1985 Angus and Susan had a baby Richard who was extremely special to them both. After Richard was born the family moved to the USA in a new role with Crosfield. The move to America led to an increase in visitors - people arrived to see the leaves in the fall, snow in the winter, watch American TV and make 200mile round trips to the supermarket. A particularly memorable visit was to the famous witch museum in Salem. On arrival Angus asked for directions to be told he was in the wrong state ……it would another 20 years before TOM TOM would come to his rescue.

In 19—Angus, Sue and Richard returned to the UK and settled in Wendover.

Angus believed that family is the backbone of society. Family gatherings in Wendover were a particular pleasure - barbecuing with his grandchildren, who were plied with wine, was a source of fun.

Angus was a keen fan of classical music. Wagner a favourite and many a night the family would be blasted from its slumber with an extract from the Ring Cycle. He had a teenagers view of the volume switch - loud or louder!

Angus also enjoyed poetry, wine and photography. Through his love of photography he has provided his family with an archive of its history. From an early age the family knew of ‘Dads love of wine’ but he did his best to dissuading them of the merits of the grape by using them to test his own home made concoctions ….this thankfully ended as his disposable income increased. Over time his interest in wine developed and he was an active member of the Wine Society and enjoyed immensely its monthly wine tasting.

A more recent pleasure was genealogy. Over the past 12 years he built a history of over 4000 people connected to him and to Susan. He would say he had been privileged to have shared a part of so many individuals’ lives while researching his own history. He loved the detective work involved and philosophised that all people really wanted in life was the “LOVE OF A FAMILY” to share the good times as well as sad.

Angus has left his wife Sue, children Gordon, Deborah, Karen, Carl, Andrew and Richard and his grandchildren Thomas, Jonathan, Matthew, Laura, Jack, Tara, Aluna, Joe, Isabella and Edward who will miss him dearly. Angus would not want us to be sad for him at this time and as we remember him we are extremely proud and honoured to have known such a caring and wonderful man who loved Susan, life and family above all else.