Danald Cambell's 1966 Bluebird K7 is being rebuilt to full running condition and will undergo a series of proving trials during which she’ll be worked back up to planing speeds so that what the public see in the museum is not a hollowed out husk of the once great craft as are so many museum objects. This will be a fully functional and proven machin

The Worlds Fastest Indian, The Munro Special.
A Tribute to H.J Munro, a.k.a 'Burt' Munro

Burt began modifying his bike in 1926. His methods, to say the least, were unorthodox. He used an old spoke for a micrometer and cast parts in old tins although one American report has him casting pistons in holes in the sand at the local beach! He built his own four-cam design to replace the standard two-cam system and converted to overhead valves.

UPM Forest life - a front runner in Biodiversity


A guided promenade through the forest in several languages.
Interesting and educational.


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