Posture control

Posture Control InsolesPosture Control InsolesPosture control insoles (PCI) are an advanced product that help improve body mechanics and posture. The insoles are worn at all the times which requires changing them from slippers to walking shoes to running shoes etc. They become quickly unnoticeable in the shoes although an immediate posture improvement was noticeable in my case

No complex casting is required. PCI recognize the influence of the neuromuscular system. Information from the mechanoreceptors in the forefoot is processed and returned to the muscles that control the feet, stability, posture and motion. Therefore, the body’s own mechanisms are used to correct and improve your posture.

It may well be neccessary to have eyes and eye muscles examined because incorrect posture is a natural reaction of the body to a variety of problems.

In my case, it has been suggested that without correcting my visual defects, I would need to use the insoles for the rest of my life The combination of eye muscle correction together with a 10 month insole use program should allow the body to maintain correct posture without insoles after this time. (January 2011).

I was diagnosed to be leaning forward as in the skeletal picture on the left, I had a tendency to look to the left of straight ahead, my feet were supinating and most impressive of all, running on the spot with my eyes closed had me going around in anti-clockwise circles.

I started using my posture control insoles on March 8 2010, check back for progress reports.