History of significant modifications made to the site


posted 5 Dec 2011, 02:47 by alan marshall   [ updated 5 Dec 2011, 02:56 ]

A small map in the sidebar shows where visitors to this site live. Just in case there is nothing else for you to look at.

New Look

posted 2 Jun 2011, 11:16 by alan marshall

Some cosmetic changes to the home page to reflect the age of the site. Moving into its second year, it seemed appropriate to change the theme and colours used to hopefully provide a more modern looking site.

Have your say

posted 15 Jan 2011, 02:01 by alan marshall   [ updated 15 Jan 2011, 02:11 ]

The rather chunky feedback option has been improved to be more user friendly and faster to load.
All messages relating to a given topic are grouped as comments under the topic.
Please use this option for your comments or suggestions on the site, life, the universe and everything.

Video streaming

posted 19 Dec 2010, 08:26 by alan marshall   [ updated 25 May 2011, 01:21 ]

A virtual TV station and chat room have been created allowing video from laptop cameras to be made available on the site. To keep costs down, the video quality is limited but tests have showed that it should be a useful option for those too far away to make it to the meetings or who knows, some bowls championship or any other activity.
Although the testing gave promising results with a 12 mega bit/second connection, the required minimum bandwidth was not available at the Webbington hotel and the staggering, almost stationary video was useless. The Wifi Booster promised by the hotel turned out to be hard wired into another conference room. 4 people watched in spite of the hopeless performance.

Sidebar Navigation restructured

posted 17 Dec 2010, 10:07 by alan marshall   [ updated 21 Jan 2011, 01:42 ]

Site links are more succinct but now need fewer clicks = faster response
Navigation entries in 3 groups to improve readability


posted 3 Dec 2010, 05:35 by alan marshall   [ updated 11 Dec 2010, 10:18 ]

Changes to the homepage layout to improve response times

Google Sites

posted 1 Dec 2010, 10:57 by alan marshall

A few thoughts on creating your own site - see contributions.

Reunion Pictures

posted 7 Nov 2010, 06:29 by alan marshall

Improved picture layout to ease updating


posted 4 Nov 2010, 12:08 by alan marshall   [ updated 4 Nov 2010, 12:09 ]

Pages and links in sidebar have been reorganized. All the old pages are still there, nothing has been lost

Next Reunion page

posted 31 Oct 2010, 10:24 by alan marshall   [ updated 3 Nov 2010, 23:57 ]

Updates include 2011 agenda and confirmation of date & location

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